Foodservice Design Layout

Envision More Profit through Productive Foodservice Design & Layout

Hooks Consulting and Foodservice Supply can help you design and create layout drawings for your commercial kitchen and dining room for all foodservice venues and concepts. With your available space in mind, we consult with you and your team to put together a design that will ensure your restaurant creates more profit through an organized workflow.

We listen to your ideas and offer our specialized expertise in:

  • selecting the right commercial kitchen equipment
  • developing an efficient work flow
  • maximizing the productivity for your foodservice venue
  • keeping you within your budget

We are foodservice consultants who put together a team of professionals essential to your business and get you going in the right direction. We are not architects but we collaborate with them. Architects look towards on our expertise in foodservice design and efficiency.

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

From Air Curtains to Zesters

Whatever your commercial equipment needs, Hooks Consulting can help you with everything from A to Z! Commercial refrigeration, stoves, fryers, hood systems, and more...


We can provide all your smallwares that your kitchen will need to get you up and running when you are ready to open the doors to your restaurant. Food Storage, Cookware, Baking Supplies, Cutlery, Bartending Supplies, Display Signs, and so much more.

Delivery and Installation

We Deliver to You

Once your equipment has arrived, our delivery team will bring it directly to your venue. From loading to unloading, we will ensure that you get set up right.


Our professional installation team will make sure that all your commercial restaurant equipment is set up and ready for you to open your doors. Hood installation to gas fryers, Hooks Consulting & Food Service Supply has got you covered.